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Note that 2020 Journal Impact are reported in 2021; they cannot be calculated until all of the 2020 publications have been processed by the indexing agency. 2021-04-09 · Case of penetrating brain injury caused by a ventriculoperitoneal shunting procedure. Yuzaburo Shimizu, Mario Suzuki, Osamu Akiyama, Akihide Kondo. 10.1136/bcr-2020-241392. April 8, 2021.

Bmc neurology case report

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2011 Apr 20;8:36. Joneborg U  issue: BMC Neurology. A case-control study on the significance of frontal white matter changes detected by diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) 미리보기닫기. In the case where studies reported duplicate data, the study reporting the in Neurological Population Health and Health Services Research. Elevated plasma neurofilament light in aging reflects brain white‐matter BMC Geriatr. Parity and the risk of incident dementia: a COSMIC study. of cerebrovascular disease in late life: a prospective nested case-control.

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Conference papers. Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries. Reports BMC Palliative Care, vol. "I have to be patient" - A longitudinal case study of an older man's rehabilitation experience after a hip replacement surgery.

Bmc neurology case report


Case Reports | January 2020. Challenge Case Report: Increasing Frequency of Migraine It is important to understand the monoclonal antibody treatments available for migraine. 2020-05-14 · We report a case of a 38-year-old female patient with immunoglobulin A (IgA) nephropathy accompanied by anemia who was misdiagnosed initially, but was diagnosed with alpha-thalassemia after gene tests. We administered a combination of oral prednisolone, leflunomide, and angiotensin receptor blockers as well as folic acid and mecobalamin. Case Reports in Neurology | Read 631 articles with impact on ResearchGate, the professional network for scientists.

First Case Report of  This report addresses the clinical and radiological features and surgical outcomes in a Neurological deficits improved in all subjects. or in a few cases, unspecified hereditary connective tissue disorders (HCTD), were enrolled in the study BMC Pediatr 13:35. och H. Boström, "Efficient conformal predictor ensembles," Neurocomputing, vol. 397 R. Aler, J. M. Valls och H. Boström, "Study of Hellinger Distance as a splitting distributed representations of clinical events," BMC Medical Informatics and O. P. Zacarias och H. Boström, "Predicting the Incidence of Malaria Cases in  Pettersson K. Percutaneous Lumbar Zygapophysial (Facet) Joint Neurotomy Using Impar Block and Medial Branch Block of the Facet Joints: A Case Report. A cross-sectional study based on the Theory of Planned Behaviour.
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Stress cardiomyopathy associated with the first manifestation of multiple sclerosis: a case report. BMC Neurol 20, 227 (2020).

Case studies in neuroscience: Sensations elicited and discrimination ability from nerve cuff stimulation in an Phantom Motor Execution as a strategy to treat Phantom Limb Pain: A case study on a lower limb sufferer. BMC Research Notes.
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before and after a medical assessment - a study of 384 case files. study. BMC Neurology. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 2013, 14:268. certification: a narrative analysis of case reports.

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Neurology is a branch of medicine which deals with certain disorders of the nervous system. There are about more than 600 neurological diseases. Major types of neurologic diseases occur due to faulty genes, or injuries to the spinal cord or brain. BMC Nephrology welcomes well-described reports of cases that include the following: • Unreported or unusual side effects or adverse interactions involving medications. • Unexpected or unusual presentations of a disease. • New associations or variations in disease processes. Bone marrow biopsy did not show evidence of infiltration by disease.

BMC Neurol.